TCB Original enters into a sponsor agreement with Cykelnerven.

Each year, Denmark’s hardest cycling race for charity, Cykelnerven, ride through the critical stages of Tour de France to benefit a world without Multiple Sclerosis. This summer, when the Tour de France riders struggle up the steep mountains, 250 Danish riders will have conquered the very same mountains a few weeks before – all for a world without MS. The Container Barber is a cosponsor of Cykelnerven 2018.

When 250 enthusiastic bike riders from Cykelnerven conquer the French mountains to benefit research into Multiple Sclerosis, they do so with help from The Container Barber. TCB Original has chosen to sponsor one thigh of all riders on the "Funen team". There is also "Race & Cut Prolog" on June 2, 2018.

The Container Barber, who runs a barber shop daily and travels around with their mobile barbershop, is official sponsor of the Bicycle Center 2018 - Sclerosis Association's charity cycle race. The cycling nerve consists of 9 teams from all over the country with a total of 250 participating riders who cover all costs and each also collects DKK 15,000 to the Sclerosis Association prior to the race. This year, The Container Barber has chosen to sponsor one thigh of all riders on the Funen team.

Race & Cut Prolog event in Odense June 2nd
In addition to the financial support for the riders, The Container Barber is also behind a major event prior to the Cykelnerven. Here all the riders of the year cycle a cyclone prologue in Fyn as the warming to the race - and at the finish line there is a big event. In addition to the stage in the form of music, fresh draft beer and foodtruck, The Container Barber sets up with their barber container and offers everyone, both riders and spectators, the hair, beard and hair on their legs. The price? It determines the customer himself - but all that is paid goes untouched to the Sclerosis Association.

Pampering your hair and beard - support the Sclerosis Association
In the period from 1 April to 2 June, The Container Barber will also donate DKK 100 to the Sclerosis Association if you buy 3 products of a value of 535 DKK on or - But what is the basis for all these support activities ? "We believe the Sclerosis Association is overlooked by the large amount of support organizations. We will change that. And then we would like a nice beard, nice hair and, not least, slippery legs. So for us, the cycle nerve was obvious. They must look good when they are in French, "says Jesper Dyrby., The Container Barber.

Denmark’s Hardest Race for Charity                                                                         
In June of 2018, the charity cycling race Cykelnerven, which benefits the Danish MS Society, will conquer the French mountain tops for the fifth year running. Cykelnerven consists of 9 teams from the entire country with a total of 250 participating riders. Each year, the participants ride through a selection of the toughest stages of Tour de France, and Cykelnerven 2018 will be no exception

When Cykelnerven rolls out in June, the following ambassadors will ride the route along with the rest of the participants:

  •               The Gold Four from 1996 - Eskild Ebbesen, Niels Laulund, Victor Feddersen, and Thomas Poulsen
  •               Three strong profiles from TV2 – Mikael Kamber, Claus Elming, and Peter Tanev
  •               From Funen – Thomas Helveg and Stig Rossen
  •               From Central Jutland - Martin Jørgensen

They Ride for a World without MS

This is the fifth time, Cykelnerven conquers the French mountains to benefit research into Multible Sclerosis. The participants cover their own expenses, and before leaving every single participant collects at least DKK 15,000 for research into MS.

 “We ride for a world without MS and are deeply grateful that 250 super motivated cyclists are putting so much effort and energy into helping our case. Every single participant in Cykelnerven collects money for the research projects of the Danish MS Society, and their efforts make a huge difference for our work”, says Klaus Høm, president of the Danish MS Society.

Among other things, Cykelnerven 2017 is collecting money for the large, international research project ‘Progressive MS Alliance’. The project has gathered the world’s foremost MS researchers with the objective of developing a treatment for progressive MS, which affects 2.3 million people across the globe.

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