Do your male employees need their beards lined up, or do they need a little trim for that otherwise neatly combed hair? Then book The Container Barber for your office party and give your employees a very special experience. You see, The Container Barber has everything needed for a great shave - from the original barber chairs to talented barbers – topped off with a great atmosphere, music, and a tasty glass of beer or whiskey. (Or just water.) 

The Container Barber has been around since 2016 and has already earned a great reputation. After being invited to visit Danish music festivals like Northside, Tinderbox, and Haven Festival, Danish and foreign musicians and their crews have nothing but good things to say about The Container Barber. Several companies have also jumped on the container, and this year were able to give their employees a very special treat when it comes to grooming.

The 3-ton container is loaded with products, barber chairs, music and drinks, and it requires little effort from you and your company to bring the container to your office party, event, or even 1-5 days of service for your employees. All you need is the ability to hook the container up to electricity - and of course there should be employees wanting to sit in the chairs.

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