Paymens and ordering

Ordering and paying

Find help for ordering and paying - see our FAQ with the most frequently asked questions or read a detailed review of the ordering process.

Is it possible to add an extra item to an order I just submitted?

No, unfortunately you can’t. We have no way of charging more money to your card than you authorize. If you contact us shortly after ordering, we may be able to cancel your order, after which you can submit a new order that includes the extra item.


Which payment methods can be used at

In our shop, you can pay with:

Dankort, VISA, VISA electron, Maestro, Danish Mastercard or foreign Mastercard. 

If you represent a company or a government institution, you can also pay with your EAN number on the homepage or, alternatively, contact us to pay via invoice.


When will the money be charged to my account?

The payment for the merchandise will not be charged until the merchandise is shipped by us. It is impossible to charge a larger amount than you approved at the time of purchase. On your statement, the charge will be listed under our company name, TCB Original Aps.

Payment by Mastercard / VISA Electron – special circumstances



Important information regarding orders paid by Mastercard and VISA Electron and NOT completed. The international system for Mastercard and VISA Electron is structured in a way where as soon as an order is submitted, the money is reserved in the cardholder’s account. Unfortunately, the downside to this reservation is that if the order isn’t completed, it remains for 28 banking days and can NOT be removed by anyone other than the card holder’s bank. The reservation expires automatically after 28 banking days. The reserved money is strictly in the custody of the bank, and has NO right of disposal or access to it.

In Denmark, only Danske Bank and Nordea have set procedures for removing these reservations. All other financial institutions have no ability to remove the reservation. Therefore, there is nothing you can do, aside from talking to your personal bank advisor or waiting for the 28 days to pass.

If you want to have the reservation removed, and if you are a customer in Danske Bank or Nordea, then send us an email at containing:

- The last 4 digits of the card number (not the account number!)
- Bank name (Bank name + department)
- Email address to the bank or directly to the advisor
- Name of the advisor or the person you spoke to about this at the bank.

Please indicate the order number in the subject field for easy processing in our system.

If you are not a customer at Danske Bank or Nordea, you need to contact your own bank advisor directly. If you need confirmation that the order is no longer valid, you need to contact our customer service.

At, we regret that our customers must go through the challenges associated with getting this reservation removed. The problem for us and our colleagues is so great that e-mark even has 
a guide on the topic, which you can read here. 


Payment via invoicing (B2B customers only)

When paying via invoicing, we charge a processing fee of DKK 69.00.


Detailed review of ordering process:

You select your merchandise, placing each item in the cart by clicking "Add to Cart". You can place several items in the cart at once by changing the count in the field "Number of Items". If the product is sold out, it will say “Sold Out” in place of “Add to Cart”, and there will be no way to add the product to the cart.

When you click on the button “Add to Cart” next to an item, the cart automatically appears, allowing you always to see what you have bought, along with the total. Furthermore, you can always access the cart by clicking on the cart icon or the text ”Cart”, which you find in the top right corner.

When your order is complete, click "To Checkout".

When you get to the next screen, you’ll have the following options:
- If you are an existing customer, you can log in with your username (your email address) and password.
- If you are a new customer, you can choose to register as a user. As a new customer, you need to enter your shipping information. Furthermore, you need to enter a password of your choosing, so that later you can keep updated about order status, see previous orders, etc.
- Finally, you have the option of continuing you purchase without registering as a customer. When choosing this option, you will be unable to track your order, and you cannot receive a bonus on your purchase.

On the next screen, you need to enter address information, unless you are already logged in. Fields marked with a red asterisk must be completed. If you chose to register as a customer, you also need to enter a password of your choosing. You will need to use this password to see your prior orders, as well as for any future purchases.

The next screen will indicate if shipping charges will be added for delivery, which depends if the order total is over or under the limit for free shipping. Shipping takes place via Post Danmark, GLS, or DAO. You can indicate a different shipping address, if this is different from the payment address. This is done by clicking on the button “Change address”.
During checkout, you need to choose your payment method.

On the Order Overview screen, you can review your order once again. Remember to check that you ordered the right merchandise, and that you address (and your email address) is correct. YOU CAN MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR ORDER ALL THE WAY UP TO THIS POINT. Your order is not processed, until you click on "Approve Order / Pay Online"!

On the screen for paying by card, you need to enter the number of the card, the CVV number, and the expiration date. The card number and expiration date are on the front of the card, while the three CVV digits are on the back. If necessary, hover with the mouse on the “?" by the CVV field to see their precise location on the card. The entire transaction takes place over an encrypted line between you and NETS, and your card information is not passed on to us.

On the last screen, you can see that the order was completed. We also send you an order confirmation by email.